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Upson Downs: Happy New Year!

“‘Cause we made it through, I do believe, the longest year in history…”

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The Richest Estate

The envelope arrived in the mail with no fanfare: from the estate of H. Richard Read. Inside was nestled a check for $1.82. That’s correct; the entire estate of H. Richard Read amounted to $1.82. I think I will frame the check so I can be reminded of the true riches he left behind. You […]

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Upson Downs 7-30-20

Summer is racing by with no resolution to many of our modern dilemmas: worldwide pandemic, social unrest, economic challenges, remote work and school. There is no end in sight, and it’s easy to get caught up in the politics of the day, or look for magic solutions. We believe that Jesus really is the answer, […]

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Upson Downs 7-22-20

Upson Downs 7/22/20 Well, it’s been an exciting week! Of course, life in the Kingdom should always be exciting, challenging, daunting, and life-giving. This week has been especially so since both of our expectant mamas have been experiencing high blood pressure, with concerns for the babies’ and moms’ health the subject of many prayers.  Currently, […]

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Upson Downs 7-15-20

We had an eventful week with covid tests (negative,) 2 week quarantines, early labor (no baby yet,) virtual baby showers, and a couple folks back to work. (Whew!) We stay busy, even when “on break.” We often forget how blessed we are to have each other close by every day, maybe taking for granted too […]

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Upson Downs 7-4-2020

Dear friends, I just realized it’s been a while since I updated this post. I find myself often experiencing different aspects of grief that seem to drain motivation for certain endeavors. Nevertheless, I proclaim that God is good.   Since May 25th, my last submission, I observed what would have been my 47th wedding anniversary with […]

Service Unity

Walk for peace

What a special moment was shared today with Pastor Jack Read of the Church of the Servant King. Our fathers marched together over 28 years ago during the 1992 civil unrest and we are still fighting the good fight today. Thank you, Pastor Read and COSK for your support. Pastor Sonja Dawson (Facebook post) The purpose of […]

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Upson Downs

Life in the Body of Christ Like everyone else, we are practicing social distancing while still trying to maintain “the unity of the Spirit” in our body. We count ourselves as most fortunate since we are stuck together here, helping each other, and serving each other in myriad ways. The younger members shop, while those […]

Gospel Service

Reaching in and out

Video sharing In COVID-19 like fashion, I am tinkering with video to support my students. I am trying to share an original short video each day or so. My school “Reading foundations” playlist on my channel is here: Along with the “safer-at-home” COVID-19 restrictions comes the question of reaching out in our church community context. […]

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Strength for today, bright hope for tomorrow

Before Rich and I married in 1973, my friends asked me, “Why Rich?” My answer was, “There’s no one else like Rich.” And while each individual is truly unique, Rich was even more so. I think all who were blessed to know him would agree. Rich was born in Syracuse, New York on August 12, […]