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Upson Downs10.31.21

Well, it’s nearly Halloween and fall is upon us, (whatever that means in Southern California!) We have been making several trips to the Northwest (where they do have actual autumn,) hoping to encourage our brothers and sisters in their struggles. As the McCorkels return from Portland, the Kjos duo heads up to hang out for a bit. We will see what lies ahead for us all in this endeavor. Coming off break finds us full and busy as usual, looking forward to life together in God’s great adventure.
One event we are anticipating is our Halloween party on Saturday. We are aware that many of our brethren don’t celebrate this event for obvious reasons, but we approach it as a chance to redeem one more fallen and worldly occasion. We look for fun and frivolity, no evil or scary costumes, and an excuse to eat yummy homemade goodies. The kids’ candy exchange as a post Halloween tradition is great to behold; it’s an exercise in shrewd bargaining, tact, diplomacy, with a little peer pressure thrown in for good measure.
November will keep us occupied with Gene Sonnenberg’s long awaited teaching on leadership, taking the place of our reluctantly canceled Wineskins. We are also anticipating hospitality with the Bynum clan, looking forward to welcoming this faithful family.
We are planning a working trip to Tijuana later in November, working with our brother Ramon in a house build and participating in other aspects of his border ministries. One highlight will be joining Abif there and working alongside him after far too long being apart!
November brings our celebration of Grace and Thanksgiving, one of our life-giving traditions. We also look forward to welcoming the Williams family coming from Bend, Oregon to celebrate with us.
So we continue apace, entering with joy the holiday season ahead. We will miss our dear Rich, as always, remembering our last Thanksgiving together, ever in our hearts and minds with thankful gratitude.
Grace and peace to you and yours, especially in this joyful holy season ahead.
Yours in Him, Regan

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