Upson Downs 8-7-2020

This week we are all giving thanks that the new babies are back to birth weight and thriving. With their early appearances and various health challenges, it’s been even harder to adjust to the “new normal” (whatever that is) with newborns than usual. It’s great that fathers these days are given time off from work, […]

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Upson Downs 7-22-20

Upson Downs 7/22/20 Well, it’s been an exciting week! Of course, life in the Kingdom should always be exciting, challenging, daunting, and life-giving. This week has been especially so since both of our expectant mamas have been experiencing high blood pressure, with concerns for the babies’ and moms’ health the subject of many prayers.  Currently, […]

Partnership Updates

Partnership updates

At Church of the Servant-King we are blessed to enjoy partnerships locally, nationally, and even globally. Through the years our contacts have grown, and we are especially glad to connect others so that the ripple effect goes far beyond us. Here in the Los Angeles South Bay area we are connected to several congregations that […]