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Upson Downs 11.29.2021

Well, we did it! We had a grand and glorious celebration of grace and thanksgiving. We received rivers of grace: a visit from the Williams with a good time of connecting, Ramon’s annual holiday weekend with us, okie dokie Henrietta sharing words of wisdom, and seeing Anne after a long absence. Ash dropped in for a visit as well.

Our feast of the leftovers reminded us once again of our abundance, enjoying together  the delicious food prepared by hands of love, and hopefully filling ourselves by returning thanks and remembering blessings too many to fully recount. The dance was wild and crazy as always, with some fun surprises, some poignant moments, and plenty of action. Of course, “midnight bowl” was earlier than usual due to Covid issues, followed by the obligatory trip for more food with the youth after the bowling. There were many achy knees, feet, and general weariness the next day; nevertheless, it was a time to be treasured for years to come.
We began the blessed season with an opportunity to partner with Ramon in his Lutheran Border Ministries by building a house in Tijuana, visiting a children’s home, and providing dental care by Jose and Mary. The delicious icing on that particular cake was reconnecting with our dear Abif. This great event could not have happened without the generous support of the VanHofwegens, Johnny Colombero, and Patty Will. We give thanks for their kind offerings which allowed us to bring joy and shelter in Jesus’ name, and to serve our faithful brother Ramon.

Sunday night was the first Sunday of Advent, anticipating the light breaking into this dark world in the coming of Jesus. We head into this glorious and blessed time with joyful expectation. All the traditions continue as the mantle passes to the next generation. We will be busy in a time full of purpose and profound significance. We are most blessed.
Grace and peace to you all in the name of our beloved Savior.
For Church of the Servant-King, Regan 

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