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Knockoffs, Frauds, and Judging Jesus

By J.T. Read It is irrational, although understandable, to judge Jesus based upon negative reflections of him. The only logical method of considering Jesus is to be presented with the genuine article.  In one of my chapters of my dissertation topic, I wrote about a McDonalds security employee who defrauded the company of millions of […]

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On Reading Books

For my 70th birthday I got a Kindle, something quite new and different for me. It’s amazing and thoughtful; there are 1000’s of books at one’s fingertips. It’s so lightweight and compact that it’s entirely portable. I shall never again be stuck somewhere without something to read. Strangely, this wonderful gift caused me to do […]

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Why God made us

A first of many talks. Mark records Scott on “Why God made us, Part 1.” Please take a listen and let us know what you think.