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Upson Downs 4.1.21

Greetings! Tonight our men are reviving an old tradition- the baseball draft. I am giving thanks for the special memories that such celebrations bring. Jack Read has been participating in this event since his teen years; now he carries on his father’s legacy. Some things, of course, have been interrupted by Covid-19, notably dinner at […]


Upson Downs 5-15-2020

We celebrated Mother’s Day last Sunday. Some relaxed, and some worked (or had others work) but we all enjoyed ourselves. Our families know how to honor us well. Because of the Lord, our families extend far beyond blood relatives; in this time of sheltering, all moms were esteemed even if their immediate relatives were distant. […]

Service Updates

Upson Downs

Life in the Body of Christ Like everyone else, we are practicing social distancing while still trying to maintain “the unity of the Spirit” in our body. We count ourselves as most fortunate since we are stuck together here, helping each other, and serving each other in myriad ways. The younger members shop, while those […]