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Upson Downs10.31.21

Well, it’s nearly Halloween and fall is upon us, (whatever that means in Southern California!) We have been making several trips to the Northwest (where they do have actual autumn,) hoping to encourage our brothers and sisters in their struggles. As the McCorkels return from Portland, the Kjos duo heads up to hang out for […]

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Upson Downs 7.20.21

The Garcia Reyes family has arrived from Peru! We are again given the honor of being hospitable. Romans 12:13 succinctly states, “Contribute to the needs of the saints, practice hospitality.” And who knows? We may be “entertaining angels unawares.” (Hebrews 13:2) The Old Testament is also replete with admonitions to welcome the stranger. It’s a needed reminder […]

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Fear not: What is a Christian response to fear and uncertainty?

We can be gripped by fear, certainly. It can be our downfall. More than the violence, bereavement, and loss of security, the idea of impending doom can paralyze us to inaction. I contend for a place to begin: A Christian response is one where “love casts out fear.” What have we to be afraid of? […]

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Knockoffs, Frauds, and Judging Jesus

By J.T. Read It is irrational, although understandable, to judge Jesus based upon negative reflections of him. The only logical method of considering Jesus is to be presented with the genuine article.  In one of my chapters of my dissertation topic, I wrote about a McDonalds security employee who defrauded the company of millions of […]

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On Reading Books

For my 70th birthday I got a Kindle, something quite new and different for me. It’s amazing and thoughtful; there are 1000’s of books at one’s fingertips. It’s so lightweight and compact that it’s entirely portable. I shall never again be stuck somewhere without something to read. Strangely, this wonderful gift caused me to do […]


A voice in the wilderness

Thursday Bible Study News Recently we have updated our format for Thursday Bible Study a little. Since the Spring with COVID-19 we have had a Zoom option for people to come and join while we had social distancing at home. We have seen that if everyone is logged in to the meeting with one or […]

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Upson Downs 7-30-20

Summer is racing by with no resolution to many of our modern dilemmas: worldwide pandemic, social unrest, economic challenges, remote work and school. There is no end in sight, and it’s easy to get caught up in the politics of the day, or look for magic solutions. We believe that Jesus really is the answer, […]

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Little children…

Please see our post “Bible Study Summaries” for information on the format of this post. Matthew 18:1-14 Discussion 4/30/2020 I’ve not been like a child. Anything I’ve learned, I’ve become an “expert,” using anything I’ve learned to separate and not unite. I’ve been the opposite of humility, and called to repent. I read the story […]

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Upson Downs 5-1-20

This week we are digging into Matthew 18 for Bible study. As the time nears for Jesus’ suffering and death, things intensify greatly. More seems to be directed specifically to His disciples- who will remain faithful until the end? The same question is always posed to us; picking up one’s cross and following Him are […]


We need to love people.

Please see our post “Bible Study Summaries” for information on the format of this post. Discussion on Matthew 17 Although Jesus seems to want to be alone at times, he works in congress with others like his disciples. The Lord even discusses things with Moses and Elijah. This seems to be a lesson for us […]