Partnership Updates

Partnership updates

At Church of the Servant-King we are blessed to enjoy partnerships locally, nationally, and even globally. Through the years our contacts have grown, and we are especially glad to connect others so that the ripple effect goes far beyond us.

Here in the Los Angeles South Bay area we are connected to several congregations that we regularly visit as part of an encouragement ministry. Just last Sunday we paid a visit to one of our sister congregations, Christian Force  MBC. It is great to be able to “drop in” and be received with open arms, and to know that our presence can and does make a difference.

Next weekend we will be visiting another local friend, New Mount Calvary MBC. Our friendship goes way back to the weekend of the L.A. riots, but that is a whole story in itself for another time. Through the years we have been graciously received there and our friendship continues to grow… As part of our banquet ministry we will be serving another outpost in El Segundo known as Casa de Renovacion. This will be the first, but hopefully not the last time to serve and encourage our brethren there.

Several pastors across various denominational lines gather regularly to discuss issues, share burdens, and build up one another. We think the Lord is pleased when we are able to see beyond ourselves and encourage the Body of Christ in a larger context! We hope this might motivate others to do the same, and to find ways that we can build on the many things we have in common. We are, after all, family not because we agree on everything, but because we have the same Father!

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