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Upson Downs: Happy New Year!

“‘Cause we made it through, I do believe, the longest year in history…”

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Fear not: What is a Christian response to fear and uncertainty?

We can be gripped by fear, certainly. It can be our downfall. More than the violence, bereavement, and loss of security, the idea of impending doom can paralyze us to inaction. I contend for a place to begin: A Christian response is one where “love casts out fear.” What have we to be afraid of? […]


Upson Downs 8-7-2020

This week we are all giving thanks that the new babies are back to birth weight and thriving. With their early appearances and various health challenges, it’s been even harder to adjust to the “new normal” (whatever that is) with newborns than usual. It’s great that fathers these days are given time off from work, […]