Upson Downs 8-27-2020

We have expanded our front-of-the-house seating for social distancing in our Sunday neighborhood Bible study.

Greetings readers, once again it’s been awhile since I last wrote. When it seems life will slow down, it just gets busier. But that’s a good thing (I think.) We have been praying for people to show an interest in Bible studies, or perhaps just asking life questions. Our prayers have been positively answered, and folks are coming our way with various questions, curiosity, life issues, and experiences. We have gone global with some of Jack’s contacts in Myanmar participating in our Thursday Zoom Bible studies, as well as folks throughout the United States and also Mexico. In addition, we have two personal Bible studies happening weekly face-to-face (or mask-to-mask!) We also have a Sunday morning socially distanced gathering which includes 4-6 visitors at various levels with different needs and wonderings. Be careful what you pray for! 

This year we thought we might need to skip our spectacular Celebration of the Children, but decided to go ahead with a revised, truncated, covid-style COC. As usual, God multiplied our loaves and fishes and we had a great time with our kids. Our water day was really amazing with an impressive water slide and plenty of shenanigans. We saw some fun movies, enjoyed buddy dinners (at home), played hilarious yard games in which we all remembered our childlikeness, and we took this small opportunity to honor and appreciate God’s gifts of our children. We do need to be reminded of our Savior’s admonition to “turn and become like children.” This seems to require prodding at times, as well as personal decisions to embrace Jesus’ words. It was good and important, and we trust that the event was pleasing to our Lord. 

Once again, God sent more than just a cup of cold water our way in the form of Kirstin and Sean, courtesy of our brothers and sisters at Refuge. They may seem unlikely angels, but it was timely and much needed. They watched our kids, sawed logs, mowed lawns, ran errands, cooked dinner, organized, and pitched in wherever and whenever needed. With only minor burns and other mishaps, they definitely laid down their lives. This is the family of God as it should be. We prayed them on their way this morning, and hope their journey home is safe and uneventful.

Stay well and encouraged. Rejoice in the Lord always!

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