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Upson Downs: March Madness?

Shall I start with an apology or a cliche? Or shall I just start on the daunting task of updating you all on our latest goings-on? I choose the latter, so here goes: Already in the month of March (!!), we are shooting for full coronavirus vaccinations among our adults. I hope you get the point! As […]


A voice in the wilderness

Thursday Bible Study News Recently we have updated our format for Thursday Bible Study a little. Since the Spring with COVID-19 we have had a Zoom option for people to come and join while we had social distancing at home. We have seen that if everyone is logged in to the meeting with one or […]

Newsletter Unity Updates

Upson Downs 7-4-2020

Dear friends, I just realized it’s been a while since I updated this post. I find myself often experiencing different aspects of grief that seem to drain motivation for certain endeavors. Nevertheless, I proclaim that God is good.   Since May 25th, my last submission, I observed what would have been my 47th wedding anniversary with […]

Gospel Teaching

Little children…

Please see our post “Bible Study Summaries” for information on the format of this post. Matthew 18:1-14 Discussion 4/30/2020 I’ve not been like a child. Anything I’ve learned, I’ve become an “expert,” using anything I’ve learned to separate and not unite. I’ve been the opposite of humility, and called to repent. I read the story […]