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Little children…

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Matthew 18:1-14

Discussion 4/30/2020

I’ve not been like a child. Anything I’ve learned, I’ve become an “expert,” using anything I’ve learned to separate and not unite. I’ve been the opposite of humility, and called to repent.

I read the story of Moses & Jesus as a child. My mother asked me to choose between them as to who was the greatest and I chose Jesus. In my life I asked who is the greatest as they jockeyed for position. 


I feel this story in Matthew 18 says, “Look, see this child, be like him: unimportant, etc. Jesus becomes impatient with the disiciples’ questions. How do you view yourself? How do you position yourself?”

“Jesus is teaching what followers should be like. See children in a new light. Be humble. Don’t miss the warning of a millstone being hung around your neck and be thrown into the sea.”

“What does it mean to become like a child?”

Participant question

Correction and direction.

“I resent people that correct me. Take correction and direction like a child. The disciples were all the time.”

On the word “child,” it was (in Greek) the most diminutive meaning little child or newborn. He could be referring to infant.”

“They, the disciples, will have a great responsibility caring for the little ones.”

“Be careful if you look down on “despise” others, how you treat your brothers and sisters.”

There is a warning to the Pharisees setting up others to fail.

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Woe to those who are teachers…


Now this section is from our teacher, Jose. His thoughts and impressions.

Referring to Romans 8:12-17: There is only one king by righteousness. Then come the sons. And they cry “Abba, Father,” in the spirit of sonship. We are all heirs of God, provided we suffer with him. 

In this kingdom there are two tiers. There are kings and heirs. They are those who respond adequately to the call of Christ. 

Trust is the essential quality. 

Jose Mejia

The one “led astray” is the one the shepherd goes after.

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