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Upson Downs: March Madness?

Shall I start with an apology or a cliche? Or shall I just start on the daunting task of updating you all on our latest goings-on? I choose the latter, so here goes: Already in the month of March (!!), we are shooting for full coronavirus vaccinations among our adults. I hope you get the point! As Covid-19 cases abate, we are opening up to more visitors. It was a  real joy to welcome a Peruvian family this past Thursday, who stopped by because our out front presence attracted their interest; we shared a meal and God’s word with our new acquaintances. As our Thursday zoom Bible study continued, we were relieved and thankful to see a brother from Myanmar. Things are getting worse there since the military coup, and danger seems to be escalating. Also, communications are being severed throughout the country, so contact with those in Myanmar is a real blessing.  

The Jesus Centered Bible has been our focal point for 2021. It’s a helpful way of synthesizing the Bible and helps to turn our eyes upon Jesus, which is only appropriate-as Colossians 2:17 states, “He existed before anything else, and he holds all creation together.” Everything coheres in Him. Without Him, the world is truly incoherent, and the void is filled with a “striving after the wind.” We are also continuing our reading. Currently we are being edified by Os Guiness’ book The Call, and are reading a Bible companion guide.

We are busy and productive, seeking to equip ourselves and grow in the measure and stature of our Lord. We are looking forward to a leadership study through Hope International University, led by Jack McCorkel in partnership with our mentor, Gene Sonnenberg. We seek to be ever more thankful, prayerful, and accountable to one another. It’s also crucial to connect with our culture and challenge what we are facing with God’s eternal truths. It is our prayer that others might say of us, “See how they love one another,” validating the identity of Christ in our lives.

We are looking forward (finally!) to the wedding of Leslie and Jeremiah in April. They have been very patient in the disappointment and uncertainty. Leslie will be sorely missed, but we are full of thanks, anticipating much fruit in the Kingdom and we are even glad for the delay in some ways, as it seems to have had some unforeseen benefits.

Rich is still deeply missed here, but continues to be integral to life together in so many ways. His memories, his teachings, his leadership and love linger among us. His library enriches us and his scholarship resonates in myriad ways. We were uniquely gifted by his presence.

As for me, I am recuperating here in this lovely space known as the B & B. It was designed and constructed by loving hands. Here it stands as a beautiful reminder of what love in action looks like. It’s named the Bird and the Baby in honor of Rich, and in honor of that great saint, C.S. Lewis, and his favorite pub in England. It is the perfect spot to heal after hip replacement. It’s amazing how the human body heals, and how human creativity and gifted hands of doctors are used in the process. Thanks be to God, the ultimate healer and Creator in whose image we have been made.
My physical therapist is on her way, so I will close, knowing I have missed telling you about so much of the joyful and abundant life with which God has graciously blessed us.

Keep us in your prayers, and thank you so much for your interest in our lives here at Church of the Servant-King.
Grace and peace to you all,


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