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National and Int’l connnections

To elaborate a bit on our national connections: our pastors are returning today from a visit to Oregon/Washington. On their whirlwind tour they visited an Orthodox monk and Abbot on Vashon Island, and a couple of Christian brothers for the purpose of mutual edification and encouragement.
In Oregon they attended a championship college soccer tournament, taught several Bible study sessions, met with various leadership in the area, had individual pastoring meetings, ate lots of delicious food, and maybe even rested a little bit! We also celebrate and enjoy friendships with congregations in Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Kentucky to name a few. When the body of Christ is built up, the Kingdom of God benefits!
When we speak globally, we refer to friends in Kenya, Liberia, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, and Jordan. It is good to be reminded of God’s work all over the world and to have some small part in the work of the Spirit in the larger arena…
Speaking of which, last night we welcomed two visitors from Concordia University where our youngest member attends. One of the girls is from South Africa and the other from France; they will be staying with us for the entire Thanksgiving week. We rejoice to see the continuing expansion of Kingdom contacts and relationships. The last two summers we have enjoyed brief visits from five French high school students from various areas of France. We have found these encounters to be both challenging and exciting. The more recent group treated us to delicious homemade crepes during their summer sojourn. Enough for now. Thanks for your interest in our story.

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