Upson Downs 4-23

A current strategy is to offer books, puzzles, games, and other resources to our neighbors through our book cart. It’s a little like a neighborhood library, but we don’t expect returns (and we don’t charge overdue fines!) We have an abundance of good books that we would like to share, and we know they will be especially welcome in these strange times.

Recent book selection

Please won’t you be my neighbor?

Mr. Fred Rogers

We try to be present to our neighbors as they access these resources, stop and look, or just say hello when passing by. This is an opportunity to reach out in a time of isolation and uncertainty. We want to offer not only tangible items like books, but more importantly, offer the love of Jesus to all, and to make ourselves known as a small body of Christian believers.

We invite anyone to stop by for welcome, some wonderful resources, conversation, and timeless truths.When asked a question about who is my neighbor, Jesus tells a familiar yet convicting story. Read about it in Luke 10. Then come by and we’ll talk about it. As Mister Rogers says, “Please won’t you be my neighbor?

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