Upson Downs

Life in the body of Christ

April 5, 2020

We are socially distancing while continuing our Bible studies in Matthew. Jose filled in for Scott while he was gone and is now leading us as we unpack¬†God’s word together. With Jose we get not only sound Biblical teaching, but mini concerts as well.

We just finished Matthew 16, asking ourselves the fateful question, “Lord, what do I still lack?” As we excavate the treasure of God’s word, we unearth realities that confront us with the reality of self. Thus we find ourselves lacking many things such as: humility, courage, faith, trust, reconciliation to name but a few.

We acknowledge that God’s discipline, in the form of uncomfortable truths, is “sorrowful not joyful” for the moment, but oh so necessary for growth.

The kids have had an easier time adjusting to “distance learning” than some of us have had adapting to working from home since that has been their custom all along. TJ is learning about sound waves and finding resonance and vibration especially interesting. Jonathan is studying the Cold War, and has found Lord of the Flies “interesting’…just wait until he finishes it! Tristyn is reading The Man in the Iron Mask, and discovering adventure and new ideas. Connor likes finding areas of polygons in Math and is enjoying reading The Secret Garden. Amelia learned about the Pilgrims and is finding out about icebergs. Thank you Lord for k12!

Life continues rich, full, and abundant despite the quarantine. We are a creative bunch, finding ways to work, serve, struggle and celebrate the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. We pray for our world, our country, our neighbors, our congregation, our homes, our families in the midst of this worldwide catastrophe. We strive to lean on the “everlasting arms” of Jesus our Lord, seeking to live in His words as He calms the storm “Peace, be still.”

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