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A Reminiscence

When I was in Tucson recently I stayed with a high school friend who graciously allowed me to invite myself into her home. Fifty plus years past high school brings incredible changes in all of us, so we spent some time reacquainting ourselves. Barbara surprised and also blessed me with the question, “Why Rich? What was […]

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The Richest Estate

The envelope arrived in the mail with no fanfare: from the estate of H. Richard Read. Inside was nestled a check for $1.82. That’s correct; the entire estate of H. Richard Read amounted to $1.82. I think I will frame the check so I can be reminded of the true riches he left behind. You […]

Apologetics Updates

On Reading Books

For my 70th birthday I got a Kindle, something quite new and different for me. It’s amazing and thoughtful; there are 1000’s of books at one’s fingertips. It’s so lightweight and compact that it’s entirely portable. I shall never again be stuck somewhere without something to read. Strangely, this wonderful gift caused me to do […]

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Upson Downs 7-4-2020

Dear friends, I just realized it’s been a while since I updated this post. I find myself often experiencing different aspects of grief that seem to drain motivation for certain endeavors. Nevertheless, I proclaim that God is good.   Since May 25th, my last submission, I observed what would have been my 47th wedding anniversary with […]


Upson Downs 5-25-2020

This is the week of joyful sadness as we remember Ravi Zacharias, gone from our world too soon. We are also reminded of Rich, born in 1946 (a very good year) and his dying at age 74, just like Ravi. I’m not trying to draw too many comparisons, or to overly stretch the similarities, but […]

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Strength for today, bright hope for tomorrow

Before Rich and I married in 1973, my friends asked me, “Why Rich?” My answer was, “There’s no one else like Rich.” And while each individual is truly unique, Rich was even more so. I think all who were blessed to know him would agree. Rich was born in Syracuse, New York on August 12, […]