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Knockoffs, Frauds, and Judging Jesus

By J.T. Read

It is irrational, although understandable, to judge Jesus based upon negative reflections of him. The only logical method of considering Jesus is to be presented with the genuine article. 

In one of my chapters of my dissertation topic, I wrote about a McDonalds security employee who defrauded the company of millions of dollars in the Monopoly game. I contend that while it is understandable (and probably unavoidable) that the reputation of McDonalds’ brand suffered, it is actually illogical to critique McDonalds based upon the actions of this criminal employee. It can be reasonably assumed that he was acting inconsistently with the values and mission statement of the McDonalds’ corporation; therefore, his abhorrent actions do not reflect the principles of the company founders, or the guidelines of his employee contract. If I were to conclude that McDonalds was not worthy of my lunch money because of his malfeasance, I would be unfairly projecting the misdeeds of the employee and conflating them with the parent company. Similarly, if I bought a pair of knockoff Levi jeans and they disintegrated after one washing, and I then concluded that Levis are of poor quality, I would be committing a similar error, driven by emotion, not logic. The knockoffs don’t reflect the quality of an actual pair of Levis anymore than the McDonalds’ Monopoly scam reflects the vision of McDonalds.

I believe the converse is true. McDonalds and Levi brands should only be logically judged through an examination of employees or products that accurately replicate the intentions of the brands themselves. I may decide that I do not like the feel of the REAL Levi jeans, or the taste of the Big Mac, but unless I decide the case upon the merits of the genuine articles, I have not rejected the actual article of consideration, merely a cheap copy or counterfeit agent.  

I have not really made an evaluation at all, just the illusion of one. The circumstances necessary to make a valid assessment have been concealed from me, and my judgment is erroneous because it is misinformed. 

Is this same scenario not true of those who have rejected Jesus? I don’t know if they have ever even had the chance to consider him, the authentic evidence has been veiled, and therefore the opportunity to reject or accept Jesus has been thwarted altogether.

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