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Upson Downs 7-22-20

Upson Downs 7/22/20

Well, it’s been an exciting week! Of course, life in the Kingdom should always be exciting, challenging, daunting, and life-giving. This week has been especially so since both of our expectant mamas have been experiencing high blood pressure, with concerns for the babies’ and moms’ health the subject of many prayers. 

Currently, Mary and Cassidie are in a bit of an uninvited contest over who will deliver first! We will keep you posted. During Covid times hospital protocol has drastically changed, so obviously the expectant dads will need extra prayers too. Looking back makes one realize the awesome privilege it is to be a coach, support, and partner with mothers and fathers in the labor and delivery process. 

Appreciation box for delivery personnel
Everyone needs encouragement and appreciation, a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name.

We are continuing to seek new avenues to reach out to our neighbors, essential workers, and friends and relatives who are experiencing isolation, uncertainty, and suffering from lack of vital connections. We strive to “see” those around us, always reminding ourselves to “above all hold unfailing our love for one another.” Some small ways we are putting this into practice is providing drinks and snacks for hard-working delivery people and mail carriers. We’ve had several “thank yous” for such a minimal effort on our part. Everyone needs encouragement and appreciation, a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name.

Thanks for reading our updates, for your concern about our life, filled with ups and downs, but life abundant. Stay well, and keep us in your prayers.

Regan Read

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