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Upson Downs 7-15-20

COSK web logoWe had an eventful week with covid tests (negative,) 2 week quarantines, early labor (no baby yet,) virtual baby showers, and a couple folks back to work. (Whew!) We stay busy, even when “on break.” We often forget how blessed we are to have each other close by every day, maybe taking for granted too often that we are really not alone. All our needs are being met, and then some.

We are beginning our new kid-care schedule, anticipating two new imminent arrivals, working together to care for our kids. We know that our Celebration of the Children will look different this year, as does pretty much everything in the pandemic era. This will be Connor’s last CoC, and we are strategizing to make it special for him in particular.

Scott and Sally continue in Bible studies with Anne, while in our own studies we are examining Luke 16 and Matthew 25. Our teacher promises a reward if we capture the particular parallel he has in mind. We continue to consider what it means for us to have “buy in” or “skin in the game” with respect to the church. We believe it’s essential to be “all-in” for Christ and His body here on earth. But it’s a daily re-commitment to our promises, even when we don’t feel like it. We pray for resilience, steadfastness, and courage every day.

Our back yard is starting to look normal again, instead of some strange trench labyrinth. Lots of toil and sweat has gone into this project. Thanks to all the diggers, plumbers, trash collectors, dumpster runners, tilers, painters, and the rest. Take your ease…until the next project! We get by with a little (or a lot) of help from our friends, and most especially from our gracious Lord who is faithful, whose mercies are new every morning, and who provides us with marvelous comrades every day.  Until the next time, stay well and encouraged in Christ. Keep us in your prayers.

Kind regards, Regan Read 7-15-2020

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