Service Unity

Walk for peace

Pastor Sonja Dawson of New Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church and Pastor Jack Read from Church of the Servant King marching for peace and justice in Los Angeles today.

What a special moment was shared today with Pastor Jack Read of the Church of the Servant King. Our fathers marched together over 28 years ago during the 1992 civil unrest and we are still fighting the good fight today. Thank you, Pastor Read and COSK for your support.

Pastor Sonja Dawson (Facebook post)

The purpose of march today was to demonstrate unity and peace in light of the recent injustices. It was coordinated with the police and mayor’s office and marked by prayer, peacefulness and unity. Many different churches were represented. In light of our history with our brothers and sisters at New Mount Calvary we felt we could and should send whoever we could.

We prayed for peace and true Christian brother and sisterhood to be demonstrated and feel that this was accomplished. There are other media, news reports, video, and photos we will add to this story as we are able. Thank you.

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