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In COVID-19 like fashion, I am tinkering with video to support my students. I am trying to share an original short video each day or so. My school “Reading foundations” playlist on my channel is here: Along with the “safer-at-home” COVID-19 restrictions comes the question of reaching out in our church community context. This has brought me to a point of wondering, “Can we use video to reach out as a church congregation?” We have been reaching out to our neighbors to see how we can serve, but that is limited too, and we can’t invite people to any gatherings. I was speaking with Scott about this last night while at the same time he was excited about a new way he has been thinking about to share the hope of the gospel with people. I captured these clips to share. What do you think? Am I on to something here? Can “informal” videos like this one, along with other types, be an authentic and effective way to serve our neighbors and virtually many others around the world?

By Mark

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