Upson Downs

Life in the Body of Christ

Like everyone else, we are in the throes of coronavirus concerns. We are mostly off work, working from home, or transitioning to a different work schedule. We are trying to balance due diligence and carefulness while also demonstrating calm and lack of fear. The ever-unfolding events make it difficult to keep firm footing. Keeping up with the latest info can be a full time endeavor. We want to be good stewards of our time. For those off work we are trying to redeem the time. Long put-off errands are finally being tackled. Procrastination is a little harder to justify. All (some!) overdue reading is being undertaken, and part of the writing endeavors are starting to materialize.

So what else is going on besides Covid-19? Our dear sister Cheryl has come down for some much needed R&R. Through the years she has been a faithful partner and support. In more recent times she has come to help take care of her brother Rich. Since we are virtually “confined to quarters,” she is stuck with us for an indefinite stretch.

While not undertaking an Extreme Home Makeover, we are embarking on various home improvement adventures: cleaning closets, attending to yard work, repairing various nonfunctional items, fixing roofs, cleaning carpets and so on. We have an abundance of unskilled but willing workers who will pitch in when needed, and we even have some skilled workers. We are trying to keep our more vulnerable members more sheltered: the pregnant ladies and those of a “certain age,” currently defined as over 65. Our younger members have made many trips to the store, for us and also for our neighbors. We want to be available to our neighborhood to shed the love of Christ abroad. Our children are still being homeschooled which requires our attention. Meals are being fixed and shared on a daily basis. 

So we are busy. But we still have moments to work together on puzzles, pray together, read by the crackling fire, talk, encourage one another, and share the abundant life together as we are in greater proximity on a daily basis than ever before. 

We continue to pray for our nation and our world as we find ourselves in the midst of this crisis. We wish to be found faithful. Jesus makes the astounding statement in Matthew 16:18 that even the “gates of Hell shall not prevail” against His Church. May we demonstrate this truth today and all the days ahead.

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