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Greetings all! Remember me? I’m so sorry I haven’t kept up on the latest info from us. I hope you are well, as we have been. Since our Covid encounter and quarantine adventures, we have all stayed negative. Who ever thought being negative would be a good thing?? We have had to undertake some traveling for Kingdom purposes, and we all have deemed this as acceptable risk, evaluating each need on an individual basis. As a result, some of us are currently observing a quarantine period, as will some others when they return. It is our hope and prayer that we will all be clear and available to celebrate Christmas together. This year promises to be bittersweet as we mourn the loss of a beloved one as we welcome three new little ones to their first Christmas.
Thanksgiving was wonderful albeit quite different from the past where we ministered together to the lonely and needy. We prepared 15 extra meals which we delivered to recipients who were alone or needing the sustenance of food and encouragement. We ate together outside with our small gathering and only 2 guests. Our traditional Dance of the Leftovers was modified to conform to Covid restrictions. But we remembered those who were not with us with a classic, “Werewolves of London,” and not just a few tears. Dancing six feet apart lacks the intimacy and some of the joy we have experienced over the years, but we did our best.
As we anticipate the advent of our Savior into our lost and broken world, we strategize for a modified version of Christmas caroling, celebrating the light and hope of the world. We pray for the year ahead, and look forward to a wedding in January, and all the adventure of life in the Kingdom.
Be well and be of good cheer. God rest ye merry!


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