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Upson Downs 5.24

We all should know what happens to “the best made plans…” So finally, being quarantined in my room with COVID, there are no more reasonable excuses for such a lengthy delay. We have all stopped holding our collective breath and heaved that great sigh of relief over Maddy’s prognosis. The start of this year found us all in dreadful anticipation awaiting results from Maddy’s surgery, then oncology report, and finally the results of the 3 hour MRI. We have joyfully received the “all clear” as Maddy moves ahead, overcoming odds and difficulties with enough grit, determination, and naughtiness to carry her through. It has been so hard to even talk about all of it until we were on the other side of all the diagnostic measures. We were able to celebrate Maddy’s second birthday and to give thanks to the Lord for her life and His grace, but there remained that last obstacle (the long MRI results) before we could fully celebrate.
I’m giving thanks for Caring Bridge which allowed our friends and partners to be kept abreast of all developments when it was just too hard to answer people’s questions. What a great gift that was. And how blessed we have been for prayers going up around the world for our little wounded warrior. Jack and   Sarah were simply amazing in their faith in spite of doubts and fears. “It is well” will have even deeper meaning hereafter. 
In spite of such a drastic start, we still managed to accomplish much, including a teaching seminar on James, evolving into a SALT class for some of us. (These are college/graduate level classes in partnership with Hope International.) We took a trip to Tijuana to see Abif and to work in the orphanage. We even managed to create a mural for the kids, in spite of all their hands-on “help” as we tried to finish! There were too many glorious moments to recount, but we experienced true joy-being neck deep in what is right and good and true. 
We have practiced hospitality with Ramon, Julia (Jose’s mom,) and various guests for dinners. The Mark Bible study continues with Amelia Harmon and we have had regular visits during that time with another neighbor. Scott is continuing his EARLY morning Bible studies with our Burmese brethren which is a true encouragement to them. Here’s to Scott for being faithful in that commitment.
A busy year stretches out ahead of us, and we truly hope there are no more trials such as we endured in the start of 2022, but we pray for strength and courage for whatever lies ahead. We also hope that the profound realization that life is not promised, that each day is a gift, will help to keep us full of thanks. Alas, we forget so easily.
We are hoping to start a more regular newsletter type communication so that you can continue to pray for us, partner with us, and support us as you have been doing. We will keep you posted.
Grace and peace to you all.
With gratitude, Regan for Church of the Servant-King

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