Upson Downs 5-15-2020

We celebrated Mother’s Day last Sunday. Some relaxed, and some worked (or had others work) but we all enjoyed ourselves. Our families know how to honor us well. Because of the Lord, our families extend far beyond blood relatives; in this time of sheltering, all moms were esteemed even if their immediate relatives were distant. This is as it should be in the Body of Christ.

God wants family for all. Speaking of that, last night,God’s extended family gathered outside, both in person and remotely, to honor a very special 70th birthday.  It was a challenge to pull off a surprise for one who “knows all, sees all,” but we were fairly successful, enjoying a luau, hula dancing, precious memories, and “lovelies.”

Barb has been a friend to all, a gracious pastor, a mentor, a partner, a shoulder to cry on, and the touch of Jesus in all our lives. We could have spoken all night about how what Barb has meant to us, but we had bedtimes!

One missing from the gathering, but ever present among us, was Rich. God knew what He was doing (surprise!) when He put Rich and Barb together as pastors to lead Church of the Servant-King. Our small congregation is uniquely blessed by their partnership, and we will always be indebted for the ways they loved each other and us in Christ.

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