Gospel Updates

Upson Downs 5-1-20

This week we are digging into Matthew 18 for Bible study. As the time nears for Jesus’ suffering and death, things intensify greatly. More seems to be directed specifically to His disciples- who will remain faithful until the end? The same question is always posed to us; picking up one’s cross and following Him are not occasional acts!

Jose teaching recently with social distancing and remote connection support

We have been glad for those who are joining us remotely for Bible studies while we continue to maintain careful procedures at home. Recently we were reminded that in this time of pandemic, we should not be practicing social distancing, rather, we should practice physical distancing and social solidarity. What an important distinction!

…we should practice physical distancing and social solidarity

We give thanks for a new, healthy baby in our midst, and for all our wonderful kids who seem to be faring quite well in this time of uncertainty. We hope we are modeling calm and courage in the midst of the storm, always remembering that Jesus is in the boat with us.

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