Time for change

Great to see the progress in New Testament translations. Four dedications in the next few months.

We just received Jeff and Linda’s most recent newsletter. In it they state:

“This year is one of transition for us.  After 26 years of serving in the clinic, God has shown us that it is time to retire from active service in PNG.  We have welcomed Susan Smith and Baraka Mikanagu and they have both been training to take over our respective jobs.  Even though it will be difficult to leave the place we have called home for so many years, we look forward to what God has for us as we head back to the U.S. for furlough and then retirement.  We look forward to visiting supporters and churches and spending time with our children and grandchildren!  Please pray for the remainder of our time here in PNG and for all that we need to do before our departure this summer.  Thanks for praying!”

Making the transition from 26 years of ministry and a place you have called home can be very difficult, indeed. One of the main reasons Patty and I are going to PNG is to help in this process. Pray with us that we will be just the right help and just the right time. ~ Mark

By Mark

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