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Go and tell

Jesus commanded his disciples to go into all the world and to make disciples. This is our calling to as we consider ourselves his disciples too. We have answered his call, taken up our cross, and we look for doors to open where we can be on mission. Aside from an urging to better reach our neighbors and friends with the gospel, we have recently been getting involved in some travel-related mission endeavors.

Last month Jack traveled to Myanmar and Thailand with our friend Gene Sonnenberg. They did a significant amount of teaching at conferences for church leaders in cooperation with Joni and Nangsar Morse. News and photos available here.

This brings me to a special mission endeavor that is upon us. Patty and I will travel to Papua New Guinea in April to visit our long-time friends Dr. Jeff Stout and his wife Linda Stout. Jeff and Linda have been working with Wycliffe Bible Translators/SIL International in Unkarumpa, Papua New Guinea for at least 25 years.

Patty’s word

The reasons I am going to Papua New Guinea are many. First, my pastor had a vision for serveral years that someone should go and encourage the Stouts, serving the medical needs of Wycliffe translators in the country. I was willing and able to answer the call.

Another member of our congregation was initially scheduled to make the trip, but her work schedule and other factors made her unavailable.

We strive always to send partners together. As a retired woman, my schedule made it possible for me to go. Also, I am always up for new adventures. Even though this was not my first choice, I am glad and thankful to be of service to the kingdom.

Mark and Patty a few years back.

Ongoing updates and support

I (Mark) am committed to this trip for many reasons as well. As a teacher I am afforded a week off at Easter break and am able to have a sub cover my position for the days I am out. I too heard the call from our pastor and congregation to go and serve the Stouts however we can. I raised my hand and said, if I can, I will. So far I’m excited and nervous (in a good way, I think. It may be best to say “optimistically expectant.”

I will make regular posts here to on our preparations over the next month as well as from our journey. We do value your prayers and financial support if you are so inclined. Contact Mark at for more information.

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