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Upson Downs 8.1.21

Dearest friends, please continue to pray for us as we welcome more guests. It is critical for us to welcome others and be hospitable; it is even more urgent that we extend that love and grace to those among us here. “Above all hold unfailing your love for one another..”¬†(I Peter 4:8) We must be knit together in love in order to not become easily untangled. The church is both local and universal, yet it is in our day to day dealings with one another that Christ is made manifest and authenticated for others to experience. As Fran and Steve depart, Craig returns, followed by Linda, Liesl, Sean, Kirstin, and subsequently the Miller clan. I want to be full of thanks that the Lord has deemed us worthy and filled our plate with lots of good stuff! May our shoulders be broad enough and our sleeves sufficiently rolled up. Some of you ask about ways to participate in our lives here in Gardena. We have many things happening now and anticipate future events which need your prayers and any other more tangible help you might offer. We look forward to reviving Wineskins, to bringing a young Burmese pastor here to share in our life for an extended stay, to getting Abif back here for good, and to finally having a memorial remembrance¬†for Rich. These are but a few. Many of these things are beyond our reach, so we covet your prayers, your financial support, and your continued friendship and support. Grace and peace to you all for Church of the Servant-King,


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