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Upson Downs 4.1.21

Greetings! Tonight our men are reviving an old tradition- the baseball draft. I am giving thanks for the special memories that such celebrations bring. Jack Read has been participating in this event since his teen years; now he carries on his father’s legacy. Some things, of course, have been interrupted by Covid-19, notably dinner at […]

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Upson Downs: March Madness?

Shall I start with an apology or a cliche? Or shall I just start on the daunting task of updating you all on our latest goings-on? I choose the latter, so here goes: Already in the month of March (!!), we are shooting for full coronavirus vaccinations among our adults. I hope you get the point! As […]

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Upson Downs: Happy New Year!

“‘Cause we made it through, I do believe, the longest year in history…”

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Upson Downs

Greetings all! Remember me? I’m so sorry I haven’t kept up on the latest info from us. I hope you are well, as we have been. Since our Covid encounter and quarantine adventures, we have all stayed negative. Who ever thought being negative would be a good thing?? We have had to undertake some traveling […]

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Fear not: What is a Christian response to fear and uncertainty?

We can be gripped by fear, certainly. It can be our downfall. More than the violence, bereavement, and loss of security, the idea of impending doom can paralyze us to inaction. I contend for a place to begin: A Christian response is one where “love casts out fear.” What have we to be afraid of? […]

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The Richest Estate

The envelope arrived in the mail with no fanfare: from the estate of H. Richard Read. Inside was nestled a check for $1.82. That’s correct; the entire estate of H. Richard Read amounted to $1.82. I think I will frame the check so I can be reminded of the true riches he left behind. You […]


Upson Downs 9-17-2020

Last week we had another ESCC (El Segundo Christian Church) ecumenical meeting with 13 people, pastors and other church folk, discussing topics and concerns of today. We dipped our toes in the murky waters of racial reconciliation. We do not expect to exhaust this issue by any means, but we know it is at the […]

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Knockoffs, Frauds, and Judging Jesus

By J.T. Read It is irrational, although understandable, to judge Jesus based upon negative reflections of him. The only logical method of considering Jesus is to be presented with the genuine article.  In one of my chapters of my dissertation topic, I wrote about a McDonalds security employee who defrauded the company of millions of […]

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On Reading Books

For my 70th birthday I got a Kindle, something quite new and different for me. It’s amazing and thoughtful; there are 1000’s of books at one’s fingertips. It’s so lightweight and compact that it’s entirely portable. I shall never again be stuck somewhere without something to read. Strangely, this wonderful gift caused me to do […]


Upson Downs 9-4-2020

Another busy week flies by here at Church of the Servant King. We are getting ready to celebrate Labor Day weekend with a barbecue and a celebration for Abby’s third birthday. A heat wave is expected, so we may need to barbecue in our wading pool.  We finished reading Where Is God in a Coronavirus […]